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A six-week group coaching programme to help you ditch the self-doubt so you can start livi

A six-week group life coaching programme to help you ditch the self-doubt so you can start living your life with more confidence and ease.

Take your life forward in the way you deserve.

Are you sick of not feeling good enough?


Are you ready to stop criticising yourself and ditch the self-doubt?


Are you done with letting your past rule your future?


Are you sick of self-sabotage?


Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life and step up as the powerful creator of your own reality?


Are you ready to be part of a beautiful online community of likeminded women who are on the exact same journey as you?


Are you ready to release old habits and ways of living that have been keeping you stuck?

NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE CHANGES if nothing in your life changes

Cute Notebooks

To master your emotions and be at peace with past traumatic events?

To stop playing small and start realising how incredible you really are?

To wake up each morning with clarity, gratitude, and joy, knowing that you have a real reason to be here and a purpose to fulfil?

To have the confidence to reach for your dreams?

To have a sense of balance and calm in your day-to-day life?


To be a magnet for exciting opportunities and abundance?

Work Station

How would it feel...

What's included?

A weekly live group coaching call is scheduled each week via Zoom.

Downloadable positive affirmation PDF’s and screensavers to keep you inspired and on track to living your life with more confidence and ease.


We will dig deep into your subconscious beliefs and rewire them to become more positive ones.


You will be joined by a small and intimate group of other amazing women who are all doing the same inner work.


Each week there will be different workbook for you to get the most out of your journey to self-empowerment 


Access to the private Facebook group, where everyone can share their progress, give support and help keep each other accountable towards their goals.

What happens over the 6 weeks?

In this intro session, we’ll begin with a visualisation meditation and will follow on with a group chat about why everyone is here and what they hope to achieve.

This session will be about becoming more aware of our inner critic and where those negative thoughts originate from.

This is where we will really start to challenge your inner critic and the bullsh*t she tells you.

In this session we will be exploring the fears that have held you back from reaching your goals and will use mindfulness to build a greater perspective of these fears.

Everything we do in life comes down to our mindset. So in this session we will be exploring how the language we use has such impact on our mindset and the life that we live.

In this final session you will create your own personal action plan.

Are you ready to transform?

The cost of this life changing, soul shifting 6-week course starts at just £249, with a payment plan option to make the cost more manageable.

What's the investment?





per month

totalling £280

Book a FREE discovery call with me to find out more

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