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You Are Enough, Just as you are

Realising this is so important.

It won't make you lose ambition but what it does do, is help guide you to what is right for you.

I always thought that accepting things for how they are in the present moment was a bad thing. Like if I accepted it, I wouldn't progress in my career, I wouldn't find love and I wouldn't be able to live the life I dreamed of. But the irony is, is that the more you can learn to accept yourself for all that you are now, the more of the things you want find their way to you.

It all comes down to your vibrational energy. I know this sounds pretty "woo woo" but stay with me! When you're living life without acceptance for your present day, you are living with a lack mindset which I also call the "I'LL BE HAPPY WHEN...." mindset. For example, "I'll be happy when...I get that job" "I'll be happy when I have more money", “I'll be happy when I find love".

By doing this you are focusing on what you don't want and what we focus on we create more of.

Changing your mindset can be so incredibly powerful and it's something that I work on with a lot of my clients, so if you'd like any help or support in creating a more positive mindset so you too can start manifesting the life you've always dreamed of living, drop me a message.

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